While Predmore said his supervisors assured him he had nothing to worry about, the next day Sawitsky began receiving text messages from colleagues about the pictures on her boyfriend’s phone. I didn’t think that could possibly happen,” Sawitsky, a 15-year veteran correction officer, told The News.

“His phone is supposedly locked up in the captain’s office.

Everyone’s talking about your pictures,’ ” said Sawitsky.

She said the shots also included ones of her nude and having sex with Predmore.

will be a few weeks of squeaky bum time waiting for the phone call, and believe me you WILL wait they are useless and can feel like a stressful time kept in the dark, just be patient though and phone SS every so often chase it up. If it's just an email from the recruitment team then no.

My provisional start date came and went while my vetting was nowhere near complete, it's well worth rininging shared services once a week and probing to see what is going on else you will likely be kept in the dark.

Predmore, 41, and Sawitsky, 44 — who have been dating for two years — filed a notice of claim to sue the state, charging their privacy was breached. Once he noticed his phone in his pocket, Predmore tried to back pedal to his car to store it.

Salacious pictures and video of them became the talk of the Green Haven Correctional Facility a day after Predmore’s cell phone was seized in a surprise inspection. That’s when an investigator from the state Department of Corrections Inspector General’s Office, who was doing a surprise check, stopped him and seized his phone.It wasn't like, "Ooh, he's hot," it was like, "Huh, what was that? But I knew that a lot of rumors centered around female corrections officers in male prisons. Jenee: I addressed him as "mister." It was just orders, never any conversation or any friendliness. I have to ask the obvious question: What was his crime and did it scare you at all? I knew when I met him that there had to be a reason for his actions.So given I felt some kind of vibe, I kept my distance. I had access to the national database so I could pull up everything about him, and I did.I just thanked them for being who they were and I wished them well in life.The lady in the mailroom got the letter for Robert and pulled him in and let him read it.I read stuff and in getting to know him, I discovered he was so consistent in who he was and what he said and how he behaved.