What Sirius never realised that dating Remus Lupin wasn't quite as easy as it looked. Peter isn't sure exactly when they'd gone from being a trio of dysfunctional boys to a trio of very cool ones, infamously known as the Marauders.

It was, by far, Peter's favourite plan, as all kitchen raids are.

Peter might not be the smartest of fellows, but he could tell a good éclair from a mile away.

You can never know when you will walk in to Peter hanging upside down from the wall, or James having a heated debate about autocracy with a chocolate frog, or even Sirius dancing to 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'.

So when Remus woke up with a hairstyle that looked like it was out of a cocaine induced rock concert, it really was just another normal Tuesday…Peter yawned and scratched his bottom idly.

Peter is the fat one, because every respectable group needs a fat bloke to truly be whole. Or so Peter thought until Remus Lupin entered their lives.

So, it's not that Peter actually likes gorging on cakes, tarts, and soda; he actually does it to keep the group's integrity. Peter didn't actually like Remus Lupin when Sirius first decided on a whim to date him. He also used his liver and intestines; digestion was not that easy a process. Not getting sidetracked, Peter really didn't like Remus at first.

This alone was enough to alleviate Lupin from the status of pink lace to embroided white cushions.

the Marauders are), but most of all he is weird with a capital 'W'.

Either way, Peter has always considered the Marauders as just the three of them - James, Sirius, and him.