People aren't afraid to speak their minds and try new things, but there's still a little bit of reserved-ness with some people. Society wise, you aren't going to find TONS of people who are dressed like they're from the year 2300 (you'll find some) but at the same time most people aren't going to care anyway even if they saw it. Dating prospects are great everywhere for all single white females.

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I had a girl approach me in NYC, give me her number, agree to a date with me and still flaked out on me if that gives you any indication of what I'm talking about.

These types of things would not be uncommon in Chicago either and while it may **** off some people, it wouldn't surprise many people if they heard it happened to a friend of theirs.

[quote] The one thing Chicago has going for it is that it has a number of people who just want to date without a relationship, Thanks for clarifying what you meant marothisu.

Yeah, so far I'm leaning towards Chicago or Denver.

Chicago seems like a bigger and more cosmopolitan city which I like.