Actually, it could be an SRPG date-sim thingie (like the Utawarerumono game type of thing). (I don't think vol 6 is out yet)I presume the omake's the earlier poster is refering to are the manga ones - at the end of each volume is a few page omake. Having just rewatched the scene between her and Shouka-sama at the end of the initial story arc, he appears to be totally blind to her love for him. Unfortunately she might be too devoted to be turned.

That has been my main complaint about the date-sim genre since discovering it. :)Oooh, now I'm intrigued to make a Higurashi dating visual novel with the Blade Engine ( not sure about putting Rika and Satoko in there since they're kind of on the actual loli side. Vol 1 was the characters set in school, vol 2 was "magical girl" version, vol 3 is school again, vol 4 everyone gets sex change, vol 5 is more school. Because let's be honest - who DOESN'T want to date L? The player would be Misa-Misa, whose goal is to seduce Kira (and stay alive)... Kochun is another attractive target though her profession would make her unsuitable as a companion in "polite company." I notice she wasn't in attendance at the homecoming party in the palace archives in episode 39.

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The Motoko arc would be very, very interesting to see (and has been a topic of countless fanfictions).

Shinobu, Kitsune, and Mutsumi make for some potentially interesting stories as well.

Rarely is the impact of your choices on the other threads integrated into the plot. That omake story (BL heroes in school) would make an excellent game. And Alien 9 can become the strangest dating sim ever. (I don't think vol 6 is out yet) Revi getting a sex-change.... and at the beginning, the owner of the Death Note is randomized. Kochun appears unattached as well, unlike the admirable, though a bit young, Sa Shunki and the compelling Sai Rin of the Merchants' Alliance.

And I agree with the idea of a Higurashi dating sim / survival game =) Ironically, Inukami would ALSO end up being a dating sim / survival game! An interesting option would be Rozen Maidens, provided that all Rozen Maidens are girls instead of dolls, who can change to doll form to fight and do other things.

) the female ninja girls and teacher keidas friend (red head on episode 2) so yeah thats a good choise if you ask me! Or perhaps even Maria Watches Over Us to, you know, live up to its reputation.:p Forgot to mention Pokemon.

Thread necromancy popping up everywhere recently~ Oh, the topic. You'd definitely get a lot of routes~Cromartie High School.

So the recent trend is to convert bishoujo dating sims into anime.

But how about the reverse, converting manga/anime into dating sims?

Code Geass dating sim where you are Nunnally I seen a fanmade trailer of it and it would be cool if it were real. Also I would like a dating sim with all the male Gundam characters from past to present and Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

I've always had this weird thought that Zeta Gundam could work as a nice dating sim or maybe a visual novel.

If done very carefully, with a female audience in mind as opposed to a male one, the following would be very viable options. or more of a yaoi dating sim where you can play one of the characters and that follows original story line with the action :heh: Another suitable candidate would be Tenjho Tenge (天上天下) by Oh! Make it an action/dating sim (something like Sakura Taisen comes to mind). Both personalities able to control vectors that make boxcutters look like a childs toy. Azumanga Daioh: Mouth-breathing Teacher ero ero edition! Some of the following are written because there are such dating sims for girls out there like Tokimeki Memorial: Girl's Side. Shurrei certainly has quite a number of potential suitors to choose among. Shurrei certainly has quite a number of potential suitors to choose among.