In a statement last night, his representatives said that he was arrested “due to suppositions that are not supported by any material evidence or proof of the alleged facts presented by the police”.

The investigation did not bring one single slight indication that Mr Hickey could be involved with the facts therein investigated, and his detention was required by the police authority under mere assumptions.

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The backlog of some 800 cases dates back to 5 August when the courts went on holidays with Hickey’s case not lodged until 19 August.

The cases will be processed in the order at which they came in meaning Hickey’s will have to wait.

He was sleeping already for two days in one of the three rooms that were allocated to him and his family, due to an insomnia, and he did not want to disturb his wife.

It would be ridiculous to try to escape and go to the next room, which was officially booked to him…

At this evening’s press conference, police said Hickey had initially told them he had only met Evans in 2012 and that he only made contact after Mallon’s arrest to complain that his name was being sullied.

Police say weekly emails between the two since 2010 contradict this. We have to hear from more people in the executive council.” Mr Delaney denies any role or involvement in any decision making regarding the granting of the OCI ticketing licence for Rio 2016.

A manager of one of the Brazilian judicial processing units has said there will be “no fast-tracking” of Hickey’s case.

Passports confiscated Kilty, Martin and Henihan all had their passports confiscated by police on Sunday on foot of a magistrate’s warrant.

Although their names are on a warrant, no wrongdoing has been suggested on the part of any of the men – or by Willie O’Brien, Linda O’Reilly and John Delaney who also appear on the court document.

Hickey “did not try to escape” Pat Hickey’s legal team has denied any wrongdoing on his behalf.

There was also an exchange on 3 August, two days before the start of the Olympics.