Let this official travel website of Santa Fe be your guide with a quick look at our most popular annual events or browse our year-round calendar for an array of things to do.You can choose your ideal place to stay from world-class hotels to luxurious resorts, elegant to casual bed and breakfasts and vacation rentals through out our beautiful, fabulously clean air city.

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There are free cultural events, and Pay-What-You-Want days at the SF Playhouse.

Sometimes I volunteer at different events and get in free. And there is a movie theater that is always $3.50 a movie and $1 on Wednesdays.

Kitchenette, full sized refrigerator, microwave, adjustable heating and airconditioning, cable television, and much more are included in each of our guest rooms.

Settle yourself into our World Class accommodations, partake of our sumptuous world renowned cuisine and treat yourself to our colorful markets and experience why Santa Fe has been considered a legendary trading center for hundreds of years.

I considered living in White Rock or LA but didn't want to commute and it doesn't have much going on for singles.

I'd prefer the drive to Eldorado over White Rock or LA anyday.

When I've gone to the SF Singles functions it's typically 4 men to 25-30 women.

There are many things that don't cost a lot--many museums are free to NM residents on Sunday and of course the hiking is wonderful.

Santa Fe, New Mexico is a magical, exuberant, colorful journey at any time of year.