Money may not be the most important thing in life, but it certainly is vital for a comfortable life.

Education gives you the knowledge and some skills you need to become employable.

But it may not give you the skills to manage your earnings and spending, save money, etc.

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The Balanced Living Workshops for Teens is a workshop series that Danny’s Place Youth Services will present during the 2016-2017 school year geared toward teens (ages 13-19) in Acton and Boxborough.

This workshop series features different areas and skill sets that are all part of “balanced living.” You can sign up for just one workshop that interests you, or come to all of them to explore new tools and ideas in different subject areas.

So, here is what you can help them get one of the everyday skills right. Teach your kid to keep himself as well as his surroundings clean and tidy.

This is part of their personal grooming and home management skills.

Teens will learn various methods of managing their time including scheduling, the daily one pager, the morning ritual and chunking of time. In this informative and fun workshop teens learn the basic concepts of organizing their papers and all their belongings.

Teens will set goals for themselves on how they can use various methods to save and therefore, create more time for themselves. They learn how to keep their rooms in order (bedroom or dorm room) and how to keep all their notes and important documents in an organized fashion for future reference.

Education gives your children the knowledge they need about different subjects, but it does not necessarily equip them with essential life skills.

Mom Junction takes you through the list of basic life skills for teenagers before they fly out of the nest and how parents can help children acquire these skills.

Your teenagers will not continue to dress themselves like how you once dressed them.