The first and most basic step to growing accounts is reaching out to them to proactively create new sales opportunities.

The more sophisticated and advanced sellers become, the more they make selling about conversations and collaboration, not presentations and pitching.

Attendees of the Personal Branding course will learn the branding strategies of the world's most prestigious companies, and practical tools to adapt them to their own context.

Our one-to-one coaching sessions with Carlo Pignataro are aimed at entrepreneurs, sales and marketing directors, and newly appointed sales managers.

Even their presentations become interactive collaborations when done right.

Here's the situation: You get an introductory conversation with a great buyer—someone who fits your target profile to a T.

Whether you’re a sales manager, a sales professional or a solo entrepreneur, there are a few key habits that great sales people tend to have in common.

If you can emulate the habits of the most effective sales people, your own sales results are likely to improve dramatically.

A sales script book enables a company to standardize its sales presentations, equipping every sales associate with the right answer to every objection about their pitch.

We will show you how to develop and write a strong sales script book to guide your sales delivery.

Branding is no longer a prerogative just for companies but for individuals as well.