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Moments later the car in front of us came to a sudden halt causing a chain of events which led to our vehicle landing up on its roof. If you really want to put me in a box (which I hate) I am classified medically as a C4 quadriplegic – and still human. I thought many times of driving my wheelchair in front of a truck or a bus.

I hit my head on the roof of the car as it overturned, breaking my neck and injuring my spinal cord at the 4th cervical vertebrae. The only thing that has stopped me from going through with it is the fact that my selfish act has the potential to ruin other lives by killing or maiming people on the bus or the driver of the truck.

The situation left both of us, our families and our friends all reeling.

There is no manual that one can follow, no real advice, no true support structure to help one deal with something so extreme.

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Blank specializes in social policy analysis, current events, popular culture and travel. Usually my care assistant is tasked with that job when I am at home. The reason I feel the need to be so explicit about this is that many people simply take it for granted that I would not be able to fulfill any man's sexual needs and therefore would not make a suitable life partner. I've heard of many relationships that fall apart because a fully functioning partner has the inability to connect physically with the other. That is because society has fallen into the classic – and all too common – trap of defining intimacy between two people who love one another deeply as "sex" which in my mind is "animal-like genital intercourse".During the economic crisis that began in 2007, able-bodied workers began competing for jobs formerly reserved for disabled workers, according to CNN.As the economy began moving out of recession in 2010, the rate of unemployment among disabled workers remained steady, according to Disability Scoop.During the financial crisis that began in 2007, many men began to scale back their dating expenses or stop dating altogether because of wage cuts or job loss.