"We met for the first time on his first day in the chatroom," she adds.

Some Swiss cantons are bilingual (French- and German-speaking), and Graubünden speaks three languages ? So, as you see Dating Switzerland can be really exciting.

:-)Switzerland occupies an area of 41,290 square kilometers. The enormous and magnificent Alps, numerous rivers (such rivers as the Rhine, the Rhone and others start there) and breathtaking crystal-clear lakes (more than 200), fascinating waterfalls, unique landscapes and delicious cuisine (you will fall in love with a Swiss man as soon as you smell cheese fondue prepared by him), chic ski resorts, sledge tracks ?

If you marry a Swiss man, you will have a nice opportunity to admire the magnificence of Swiss nature every day, while tasting delicious Swiss chocolate (or cheese) and feeling the care of a reliable and decisive man. Then hurry up into the exciting world of Dating Switzerland! Of course, registration on international dating and marriage site Inter Friendship!

Our male users include singles not only from Switzerland, but also men from Austria, single Germans, men from Italy and other countries of Western Europe.

is possible to be organized in the Zurich Zoo that is considered to be one of the finest in Europe embracing for about 2,000 animals.

Therefore, walking around the zoo and observing numerous animals’ species, the singles are available to get known more about each other while sharing their life stories, showing their heart feelings and even planning something for common future.The couples are recommended to date there in Swiss National Museum that contains the most important collection of material on the history and culture of Switzerland.So, the sweethearts are available to observe the exhibitions dedicated to pre-history and the early historical period, flags, weapons, ceramics and glass, sculpture, painting and graphic art, musical instruments and many others." Tidy Heidi, a Swiss student who got lucky at swissflirt, tells swissinfo."I was doing my thesis but I was bored and didn't want to go into town or meet my friends.Having told myself to stay in front of the computer, I started going into chatrooms – and then I met my boyfriend!Elegant for I grew up on a beautiful touristic island.