And then it happens: People start having babies.“Before kids, we were thinking about what the hot new restaurant was to go to, what bar we would go to, whose birthday it was, who was having an awesome cottage weekend,” says Etobicoke mother of one Danielle Bablich, 31, whose son Leo is just over 6 months old.“Now it’s all about meeting around nap schedules, being in bed by 9.”Whether you’re a new mom or a kid-free friend watching (slightly horrified) from the sidelines, the arrival of little ones in a friend circle can really shake things up.

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“You’re not focused on the shopping, drinking, partying, the new bars.

You’re thinking about what type of restaurant you can have an early dinner at.”One British survey found the average number of close friends for people with no children is 4.7, but this drops as people have kids, going down to just 3.5 friends for people with three children.

Top, from left, Whitney Finegan and Jennifer Caravaggio.

For Bablich's friend group, hangouts at each other's homes while their kids run around have replaced bar nights and shopping trips..

Her friend was a little shell-shocked, Gaudet adds.

“I don’t think she knew what to do.”Poop problems aside, motherhood in general throws a wrench in friendships.

On a spring afternoon, the group of thirty-something women — who’ve known each other for over a decade and all attended the same Etobicoke high school — are hanging out at Bablich’s home in Etobicoke while a couple of kids are running around and gleefully munching on gourmet doughnuts.