I don't really mean to criticize too much the government as I realize they are a product of Uganda and managing taking into account the circumstances.On the other hand I think Ugandan are very proud and considerate.That is reality and the owner of the bar don't like this kind of trouble as Ugandian police can be very brutal.

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However, most Ugandan are very proud people and don't tolerate anybody looking down on them.

However, once again I have noticed slight instances of what is mentioned above.

I agree we need education in schools, we need to embrace the goodness in our cultures while acknowledging the short comings.

Like in Japan, no foreigners can go there to impose themselves on the Japanese.

In Rwanda, Kigali many people NEVER will ask you for drink, service whatever ... But on opposite you can be bothered very much from Nigerian people.

Well - if I wish to sit in a bar and have a nice moments I don't need "services" etc. So, sorry but all is about selling prostitution on wrong place and not about racism.I turned around and grabbed him by his shirt till he started apologizing. Skyliner: Although those pubs in Kampala may not have a visible 'whites-only' sign on their windows, apparently it's a well known fact that Ugandans are not allowed inside at all.The craziest part of his apology was that he said: "Sorry my friend, I thought you were a regular African. What my wife witnessed there was blatant discrimination when she arrived at one of these irish bars with a whole bunch of her white colleagues and a couple of Ugandans and she noticed how her white colleagues had to explain to the bouncers at the door why they're bringing black people inside.I have seen some slight instances of what is described above.However, the greatest disregard for Ugandans seems to come from the government.It is sad how they push the Black Africans around as if they are animals in those bars.