The four chambers of the heart will be viewed, as well as the kidneys, bladder, stomach, brain, spine and sex organs.

A survey of the organs, including the umbilical cord, ensures that they are developing normally (or identifies any potential problems as soon as possible).

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My midwife has requested one for me as in Sept last year I had an eary mc at 5 2 weeks then a mmc in March this year.

Sorry for sounding thick but I have only ever had a 12 week or 20 week scan and just want to be prepared.

There are no significant risks associated with ultrasounds, though medical guidelines caution against unnecessary exposure to ultrasound — which is why your practitioner will schedule only a handful of them throughout your pregnancy.

If you're concerned about the upcoming picture show (and what those grainy images reveal), talk to your practitioner about what he or she is looking for.

so i am presuming by 8 weeks you would definitely be able to see a h/beat and a gestation sac with a blob of some sort. and if you dont see anything but everyone else can, keep asking!!

i didnt see anything but my oh could so i kept pestering them to show me more i found this pic on a website from google weeks i can see the heartbeat, it is a slightly lighter bit, a little speck of course everyone is differnt, but just so you get an idea.

As sound waves emitted from the transducer bounce off "structures" inside, images are formed on a video screen.

To get the most comprehensive anatomy assessment, the sonographer will be aiming for many different views from lots of different angles.

Just in case you weren't sure about what happens when you get there, here's what happened to me.