The 600mm narrow gauge electric railway is a fascinating little railway, about a mile in length from the mine to Zaojiatun.

It is double track, but essentially just a loop - the trains load up and discharge, without the requirement of reversing or switching tracks.

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I then spent the next two hours napping in the cold and practically empty waiting room.

The train to Nanpiao was led by DF4DK 4053 and comprised of five YZ25B class coaches, all recently repainted in dark green and yellow (the yellow lining being slightly different from the original design to be uniform with the other massive coach repainting program of the 25B, G, K and T rolling stock).

A few other wagons are stored in the yard, seemingly for scrap at some stage - a partially dismantled KF60, YZ22, flat car (converted from a box car), etc.

I decided to tackle the northern line today, arriving at the first mine, Zaojiatun, after about 45 minutes on foot.

In the main yard area was DF5 1055 and recently refurbished BJ 3197.

I only saw her move a couple of times during the day, but only shunting moves.I alighted the train in the town centre at Hunjiang, hoping to get the mine railway passenger trains there.But there were none, with most of the workers alighting on to waiting busses instead.She was then reversed onto a short maintenance train and shut down for the rest of the day.The maintenance train comprises of a single YZ22 passenger car, Z151 steam crane (converted to diesel) spliced between a pair of N16 class flat cars.I set up my equipment prior to arriving at Zaojiatun as I heard the bells at the level crossing, but after 5 minutes they turned off again.