Physical Harm: This category is perhaps the most obvious.

Most people’s first reaction was likely the danger in that toddler picking up the gun and one day actually blowing her brains out.

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So you are this baby, and you depend on your mom to protect you and take care of you. You want to do everything to please her because at that age – she is the center of your world.

(Note: this is the same for fathers, but I am focused on the mom here because she is the bio parent to this kid.) Anyway, now imagine your mom joking about you killing yourself with her boyfriend.

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A couple of days ago, I saw one of the most disturbing videos I have ever seen come across my Facebook newsfeed.

Psychological Harm: Imagine being a little child again.

I know, its a stretch for many people to put themselves back in the shoes of a defenseless kid – but just humor me and try.

While initially I thought maybe one of my readers was punking me, I soon realized that this chic was dead serious.

Her comment scared me possibly even more than the fact that something like this actually occurred in the first place.

The level of danger inherent in this lesson makes it not so important (or different) if it had been a real gun or a toy gun (though it wasn’t a toy).

The physical harm aspect would be similar if some parents sat out on route 66 and encouraged their toddler to try and run across it, dodging cars, while they filmed it and laughed.

What have we come to in this country where people like these two fools are being supported?