I think honesty is good, though, and I'd appreciate knowing htat before contacting you, talking to you some, then finding out. (and here's hoping there are leg and ass men out there somewhere........;) )I am going to be wrong for answering this as to many responses about this deal ... is the fact most of them , even if you were the most charming man around ... none of this matters if they want someone who is model material but ... i dont care if they do pay for it and claim to be so called "real" .. So, let's just get over ourselves here and get real. And as several mentioned, just look over the profiles.

dating women with big breasts-69

Most of the time I find your comments to be atleast funny but on this I have to disagree.

SOME women might feel like they have it, or at my age..STILL have it..any intelligent woman isnt going to want to be wanted based strickly on the fact she has big tits..

What women will however be offended by is a guy (or guys) without the requisite social value making such requests of them.

When men, as a general social class, say "jump", all women do is ask "how high? What individual men need to take notice of however is that women are only so quick to appease 'men (again as the ruling social class)' because 'men' combined have incredibly high social value that has the power to truly impact women's lives.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. It is not something you chose, but is natural to you. A lot of women highlight that asset (such that it is) because it attracts men.

I can't imagine a woman, or man for that matter, who would get upset at any well-intentioned compliment. I like bigger in the pants men but I don't have it on my profile.

Op~ I flaunt what Mother Nature gave me in hopes a man will appreciate my assets. I still do not believe that most women would like to see that the first time they read your page.

Most women think they are open minded about such things when in reality they are not.

I mean, admittedly, I am NOT particularly large-breasted. I admit many women may be turned off by having that in your profile just because it seems so superficial.