“Google has traditionally created ads that show up in a custom form that matches the form and function of the experience, and so games will follow suit, where participating developers will be able to show ads that fit the form and function of the game,” Hartrell said.

Ultimately, these features should encourage game developers to focus on Android, which could win over more gamers in the long run.

This all satisfies Google’s larger goal: to put Android in more hands and on more devices.

Next up for ad-supported game devs, Google is releasing “In-App Purchase House Ads” in beta.

The Ad Mob-powered feature will enable game developers to strategically serve up ads for in-app purchases to users who are “more likely to spend on in-app purchases,” Google said on its blog.

“Our goal is to make gaming even more compelling and dynamic through Android,” Hartrell tells us, “and so we’re launching a new protocol called Nearby Connections.” And no, it’s not a hyper-local dating API.

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