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10: Flower power And finally if you're really, really desperate and don't mind admitting to being a bit sad you could... Picture the scene - everyone's busy working in the office when all of a sudden a dozen red roses arrive from a mystery person with your name on the tag.

Whatever you do though, just don't tell anyone the truth, ever!Ruling out, rather than ruling in, has a way of dramatically increasing your list size. Please consider making notes now, about who you'll tell, how, and when, and then follow through.I hope they'll find it entertaining and inspiring, and it will provide them with an opportunity to visit our website and join us.You can buy a professional poker set (which helpfully includes instructions) or improvise with a pack of cards and matchsticks.Put some Motown tunes on the stereo, dim the lights and you're all set.Sometimes it's hard being a Valentine's Day singleton, having to endure rose-carrying couples and rom-coms galore.