If so, there's ample room on his body for additional temporary tattoos, more than the Hanson Dodge Creative logo and Twitter handle currently occupying a two-inch space on his left shoulder. Symmonds insists the purpose was to illuminate the struggles his peers experience while pursuing their dreams, which is admirable and has been well documented. "People want to say we're athletes, where we lead these lives like monks, where we train in the mountains and come down and do our thing," he said. We don't have a sport if people don't tune in to watch us compete.

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One image shows Hilton wearing an open-neck black dress with plunging neckline as she nuzzles into the 18-year-old's neck. In 2007, she also briefly dated another Aussie model, Tyler Atkins, who is now 27.

"#Good Times at @Just Cavalli Milano with @Iblame Jordan", she captioned the sultry photo."Oh. We get to know her latest love interest a little better...

Which makes sense because he's clearly a salesman, pure and simple -- even if what he's selling isn't so easy to define. "Like any good business, you have to continue to develop your brand and evolve with the times," he said.

"You have to grow and expand, and that's absolutely what I'm about." He has a platform and, because of his standing in the sport, a somewhat captive audience.

Here's a pic of them: Seen here pictured here looking close at the exclusive club, Paris was even seen planting a kiss on the artist's cheek.

Benji Madden of Good Charlotte is apparently dating Paris Hilton.

The 33-year-old reality star and hotel heiress, who is in Italy for Milan Fashion Week, sent the rumour mill into overdrive after cuddling up to Australian model Jordan Barrett.

The unlikely duo flooded their Instagram accounts with suggestive snaps after being spotted on a night out at the Just Cavalli Club. This is not Hilton's first foray into cougar territory. They were together for two years before splitting in 2014.

So don't expect his incessant skewering of track's governing bodies, the IAAF and USA Track and Field, to stop any time soon.

He refuses to speak on the topic at the moment, citing the potential of too much negativity clouding his positive mind.

Shouldn't we be analyzing that fabulous finishing kick of his? You see all of these football players living these amazing lives, doing amazing things.