Stop counting, get busy, but don’t let business substitute time for your relationship with God.

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He says his trust is in God but he runs around behind God’s back (figuratively speaking) making all kinds of plans, just in case God might drop the ball.

It’s time to stop saying, like the double-minded man, “Yes God, whatever you want I’ll do…but I want it now.” It’s all or nothing – and that includes the timing.

You start to wonder if God might have lost the road map for your life, even though you might say to anyone who asks, “Of course I trust Him…”.

So maybe you are like me and you start making back-up plans…just in case. This is something that I have had to come to grips with.

Of all the places to be, after all, isn’t this the best?

So here are the three phases of God’s challenge to me and mine to you.

Do you know what no one ever told me when I started college?

They forgot to tell me that I would have very little idea what I was doing.

Sometimes, we feel like we should be way farther down the road than we are, and we think, “God, what are you doing? ” Maybe your automatic reaction is to defend yourself.