Illinois College is fortunate to have a relatively large population of international students.This program will showcase the college's international diversity and provide local students a chance to learn something about countries with which they have little chance of experiencing for themselves.At age nine, he was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome.

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A question and answer opportunity will follow the presentation.

Prior to joining the KEI, Ambassador Pritchard was a visiting fellow at the Brookings Institute from 2003 to 2006, and served as ambassador and special envoy for negotiations with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea from April 2001 to September 2003.

She works with him as his spiritual advisor up until his execution.

Shawn Karsten, son of Emmy-award winning ESPN reporter Adrian Karsten, shares the riveting story of the tragedies that transformed his life from every kid's dream into a living nightmare, and reflects on the destructive decisions he made in the aftermath.

Karen Dean as she considers this assertion in light of the leaders she has met and admired in the venues she knows best: literature, history, and politics.

How do these leaders fit into Malcolm Gladwell's and what can we learn from them in light of the Illinois College mission to prepare students for "fulfilling lives of leadership and service"?

German publication, Jon Voisey will be presenting "Anime Mythbusters" in which he examines the disjunction between popular representations of physics and actual physics.

He has been improving and expanding this talk for the past two years, finding better segments of popular culture to pull from and adding in aspects on how the scientific method is used as a tool to gain insight on the world.

Together on stage, Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre redefines the concept of “performance ensemble” by uniquely fusing contemporary dance, live music and visual art. Anisa Mehdi is an Emmy-award winning journalist and filmmaker specializing in Islam. Together the present, explore, and discuss with the audience various perspectives that keep peace between Israelis and Palestinians at bay.