I can get married in any chapel, but as long as I have my husband with me, I’m good. The industry is just a house around you, if it crumbles, if you still have the love of your life with you, it doesn’t really matter.

Dawn Richard: It’s extremely raw and I’m really proud of it.

I’m dancing, which is something I’ve been doing longer than I’ve been singing.

I don’t think he was saying, “She’s better than the rest of the girls.” I think he just gravitated to a different sound.

You have to look at his track record from Faith [Evans] to Mary [J. Not a better sound than someone else, just a different sound.

People took it to say that I said that the other girls didn’t. I want to make it clear because that wasn’t what I was saying. I said in a previous interview that I’m not the last girl standing.

Those girls are probably the last girls standing in the situation that they have.

Dawn had already been to the lowest point so conquering the music industry was the least of her fears. In her interview with The Boom Box, Dawn talks the upcoming tour, the legendary Twitter marriage proposal, clears up recent comments that got a former Danity Kane member heated, and gives us the exclusive details on her new video for ‘Broken Record.’ The Boom Box: Your mixtape ‘The Prelude to a Tell Tale Heart’ received great reviews.

You recently shot the video for your new song ‘Broken Record.’ Give us some details on what we can expect.

We were all talented; we loved what we did, and our craft.

I think the difference was Diddy has a way of seeing and liking a specific sound.

My mother had a dancing school and I started dancing when I was two. I’m singing both of the perspectives, but the second verse is in the male perspective. It’s been almost four years since I’ve been on a huge stage, since Danity Kane did the Christina Aguilera tour.