I rate the degree of difficulty of each pattern, based on my clinical experience, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most challenging.

deadly dating patterns-1

We all know that software development has benefited tremendously from design patterns.

But I had no idea what you could REALLY do with patterns.

Don't be fooled by the fun; this book is really stealth love-life-improvement wrapped up in a package that will look funny and geeky and won't embarass the guy who needs it.

He can put it on his desk or bookshelf where it'll look right at home next to the Dilbert-a-day thing.

The first two, “the savior” and “the coward” patterns, are easier to overcome, while the last three, “the super romantic flame-out,” “the grass-is-greener” and “the slacker” types, are in the most challenging group. Men can vary a great deal in just how stuck they are.

The most important question to ask is, “Is he willing to grow?

It'll make every developer/programmer (and yes, even the *architects*) laugh out loud, but secretly they'll be learning how to apply a pattern language of design to... (Sorry, no sex patterns in this edition, so if the advice works and you find yourself in a successful dating scenario, you're on your own for what happens after that.

Perhaps there'll be an e Xtreme Dating (XD) version?

You can see clearly when it is time to stay and work on the relationship or when it’s time to cut your losses and go.

And then you will be free to choose the ones you want, the ones who give you love that is just right for you.

That is, work his way out of his own self-sabotaging pattern? So ask yourself: How much does this man want to have love, that is, love with you in his life?