But, who will Roland be chasing in the race to reach The Dark Tower? Roland spends the bulk of pursuing The Man in Black, and if the movie sticks to King's first book, they will have a very lengthy (and important) conversation.Outside of that, I think it's safe to tell you that the character goes by many names -- one being Randall Flagg -- and he has appeared in other Stephen King stories, from -- probably expected to hear three names AFTER the casting of Roland Deschain: Eddie Dean, Odetta Holmes, and Jake Chambers.

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Roland treks through a time when the world has "moved on," and he often tells stories of better days, when the Gunslingers were prosperous.

Over the course of the seven books, the story shifted to our world (though during different decades), and often flashed back to times in Roland's past.

The first movie in the series has a director, a cast and a release date. currently is rumored to be looking for a summer release date in the same year, though nothing has been confirmed.

Rumors have swirled that post-production and effects work on the film need more time, and that could be a reason for the delay.

He told her that while he was living in Britain, he was currently doing engineering work in Nigeria.

They exchanged messages and she even spoke several times on the phone to a man claiming to be her online date.

These are the three members of what Roland refers to as his ka-tet, the people who will assist him along the way on his journey and, hopefully, help him reach the top of the Dark Tower (even though he does not know what's waiting for him at his ultimate destination). Only, Tirana was a VERY minor character in the books, and nowhere near being a female lead.

Later, noted character actor Jackie Earle Haley joined the ensemble, playing Richard Sayre.

Readers will remember Sayre as being a member of the Sombra Corporation...