The software might pass itself off as a legitimate product claiming to be an anti-virus scanner, when in reality it is malicious Scareware that, once installed, provides a gateway into your system for malware software developers to install things like rootkits and bot net-enabling software.

Each message handler is responsible for handling a category of user messages, such as handling questions related to the weather ("How is the weather? The bot then asks the handler that provided the highest confidence to handle the message.

define bot dating-22define bot dating-65define bot dating-61

In such a case, the stock symbol (MSFT or AAPL) is the parameter we want to extract.

As introduced before, the Build a Bot framework supports bot developers by enabling them to use regular expressions to define the bot's message handlers.

", put together a reply with the current time to the user, and be finished.

Single-state message handlers are represented in the Build a Bot framework by the Build a Bot also provides support for you to implement your message handler class in the same project/assembly in which your bot is defined.

Here are some examples of contains a question and an action (method, pointed to by a delegate).

If the question matches the user message content, the method is invoked to get the answer.

Bot net software is usually installed on computers by users who are tricked into loading it.

It might be nothing, but it could be that your computer is busy doing other things, and by other things I mean attacking other computers as part of a bot net controlled by hackers, or other assorted bad guys."How can this be?

This is useful when the answer for the question is not static.

A complete example, merged with the preceding code, follows.

If the question matches the user message content, one answer from the collection is chosen randomly.