With bed linen included, our homes deliver a superior standard of Lake Eildon accommodation.

Kallarroo Lakefront Homes Lake Eildon accommodation is located perfectly for numerous favourite Eildon activities which can be taken advantage of during your stay.

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Kallarroo Lakefront Homes is NOT a pet-friendly accommodation.

Kallarroo Lakefront Homes Lake Eildon accommodation comprise of two adjoined modern self contained houses.

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Our adjoined houses are situated on 9 acres of beautiful bushland which comprises of several kilometers of Lake Eildon water frontage making our location truly unique.

And with nothing but the birds to interrupt your views of the magnificent hills of the Howqua Valley, you will fast appreciate the fact that Kallarroo Lake Eildon accommodation can give you something that most other Lake Eildon houses can't – isolation.

So come and do as little, or as much, as you like during the day, but as night falls, sit back and relax in our beautiful houses, and listen to the silence of the hills...

Welcome to Kallarroo Lakefront Homes Kallarroo Lakefront Homes are amongst the best Lake Eildon accommodation and Howqua accommodation on offer.

Recreational fishing on Eildon is a very popular activity, with the Eildon pondage included in Victoria's five Premier Lakes.