'Water off a duck's back' wasn't just a gimmick: It was literally what I was saying to myself on the runway.

It wouldn't be fair to anyone who would want to date me right now.

They would have to put up with never seeing me, and when they do, always seeing me dressed like a 45-year-old woman. And now for the Miss America question: What do you hope to stand for as America's Next Drag Superstar?

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I want this year to look like.

I want to hold that crown for everyone like me who had to overcome life struggles, and work their ass off to achieve their dream.

What went through your mind when Ru Paul called your name?

Honestly, I had to take a moment to remember that was my name!

He and I get along great, so there's no hard feelings about any of that.

Since we're on the subject, do you have a boyfriend? I'm focusing on my drag career right now, and I want to give this opportunity my full attention.

Looking back, what was your favorite moment in the show? Getting to play Little Edie at Snatch Game was amazing, because that's what I went on Drag Race to do.

The Ru Paul Roast was my favorite challenge: I've always wanted to participate in a roast.

I didn't entirely believe it, and I don't think it's sunk in even yet.