Dental hygienists are strongly urged to err on the side of caution." ~ excerpted from College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario website ..there are no rules of conduct for the patient, so if you are the patient, you may 'hit-on' your hygienist at will, without fear of retribution .. that the dental hygienist can make your visits as uncomfortable for you, as you make them for him/ her ..I see nothing unethical with dating that person as long as they are heretoafter no longer doing my dental work.This information is necessary to determine an appropriate dental treatment plan, not prescreen potential sexual partners." In addition, Dr.

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before i go shopping for a really cute one, i did have this one question ..would it be unethical to have a relationship with one's dental hygienist?

The rule change is the result of state government efforts to encourage all health-related boards to develop sexual misconduct regulations, according to John Reitz, D. "Our rule change makes us consistent with the standards set by our allied health boards. S., president of the Pennsylvania Dental Association (PDA), says the new rules are "onerous." "We don't think the dentist/patient relationship carries the same connotations as that of a gynecologist or psychiatrist," he said.

Until now the dental board did not have a definition of sexual misconduct." State boards in California, Iowa, Maine, and Mississippi use a similar definition. In addition, the regulations do not allow consent as a defense of sexual misconduct.

It would feel then like I was paying her to be my gf. So, I'd just get someone else to clean my teeth and I would begin to date her after we felt it appropriate.

Well, I went to the site that was posted, and the rules are almost the same as Nurses.

"It's not always about exploiting the patient; sometimes it's about the patient exploiting the doctor," he said.

He noted that the state medical board's decision was just upheld in Commonwealth Court on similar sexual misconduct regulations after a Pennsylvania doctor who began treating his girlfriend prescribed drugs for her without consulting her other treatment providers, who had stopped prescribing for her because she was engaging in drug-seeking behaviors.

..opinions from dental hygienists and dental patients are welcome, it would be a bonus, free dental cleaning :)I wish I could find a dentist to marry, that way I could get the work I so badly want done for free ok wait lemme take that back..oral surgeon would be better.