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Raymond talks about tips for long time denture wearers and how soaking dentures overnight using denture cleaner helps keep it clean at all times.

Maintaining a healthy mouth and good oral hygiene is vital when you get dentures.

Properly fitting dentures should give you the confidence you had with your natural smile.

The Denture Fountain of Youth™ can give you this confidence: the confidence of a youthful appearance and teeth that let you talk, eat, laugh, and smile knowing they are secure.

As dental students, we can easily get fixed on the process, and often forget the person.

As with any dental treatment, keeping patients informed of the various steps is crucial to the success of the treatment.

Sponsored by Nobel Biocare, Kristi received the All-on-4® dental implants, with winnings amounting to k worth of work.

This begins a new journey for her, as she vlogs about her challenges with the implants, including screw loosening, inflammation, and hygiene issues.

Having suffered from severe tooth decay as a child, Kristi was told at the age of 18 by her dentist that she was a candidate for dentures.