Apparently, the comments got under Luke’s skin and he issued this message in response.

Aside from the fact that I don’t understand why Black women are mad he married a (clearly Brown-skinned) Latina, there are some other things to dissect here.

The fact that Derek Luke, an African-American actor, is married to a Hispanic woman is not news to me.

I remember Luke referencing his wife Sophia memorably at the Independent Spirit Awards many years ago, and I’ve seen photos of them on various red carpets many times before. He’s a baby-faced 41 year old and he’s been married to Sophia for 17 YEARS. Anyway, Derek went off on Instagram after he read some comments insulting his wife and insulting him for “marrying outside of his race.” Like that’s still a thing? This is what Luke wrote: I never usually entertain the opinions of others because everyone is entitled to they’re own opinion.

Mistreatment in Black men telling us we should be more like White women, like all White women are submissive, devoid of attitude and a mind.

So, while I’m sure Derek is with his wife because he truly loves her, for a lot of Black women, she represents something else.

There’s something very unfair about projecting our insecurities onto other couples.

I personally don’t know Derek Luke’s dating history.

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It seems that people are just learning that Derek Luke, our beloved Antoine Fisher, grew up and didn’t marry a Black woman.

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Though Luke and his wife, Sophia, have been photographed often, out in public together, some still didn’t know.