Cosmopolitan strivers move to New York, say, rather than sleepier cities, in part because they will meet other ambitious types with similar interests.

Within New York, the places people choose to spend their time—whether Yankee Stadium or a yoga studio—determine which sorts of people they come into contact with.

After all, it is better to have super-liked and lost than never to have super-liked at all.

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Jobs, like prospective partners, have their strengths and weaknesses, which makes finding the right one a matter of complicated trade-offs.

Such exchanges are different from other transactions, in that both parties must be enthusiastic about the match for it to happen.

Yet if Apple were looking to hire two workers, it would not set a salary so puny that only two people applied.

The quality of new hires often matters at least as much as their salaries.

Tinder, for example, only provides users with profiles of fellow Tinderites who are nearby, to make it that much easier to meet in person.

It has also introduced a “super like” feature, which can be deployed only once a day, to allow smitten users to signal heightened interest in someone.

A recent study of online dating in South Korea found that it boosted sorting among couples by education. Metropolitan goliaths have long been melting-pots, within which those early on in their adult lives link up with jobs, friends and mates.

Matching apps, romantic or not, make it easier to navigate the urban sprawl and sample all it has to offer.

Odds improve that another person in the crowd also enjoys Wagner, Thai food, or discussions about the economics of matching markets.