It was said that the two of them were in their initial stage of relationship.

divyanka and sharad dating-42

According to reports, the couple got introduced by a common friend 8 months ago, and they have been dating since 4 months."We are getting to know each other and have great compatibility.

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Divyanka Tripathi and Ssharad Malhotra’s hush-hush relationship came under the media scanner recently.

At first reports of their marriage and more recently about their break-up.

Ssharad clearly seems to have moved on since his break-up with Divyanka Tripathi after a seven-year courtship. I am dating her and taking each day as it comes." He dismisses any possibility of it being love on the rebound.

Talking about Pooja, he says, "We are getting to know each other and have great compatibility. Ssharad and Pooja will also be acting together in a short film.

Ssharad Malhotra is on a high — both professionally and personally.

While his love story in 'Kasam' is raking in good ratings, he seems to be going strong with his special someone in real life as well.

The girl-in-question is Pooja Bisht , an aspiring actress.