Also, does any one know of efforts to update the TD database with new thermodynamic data as it becomes avalible? This is a big job and one that that the thermocalc community seems to do well. Further, remote control software tends to bog down network resources, zapping precious bandwidth.

domino updating search site database-54

In recent projects I've been using Jesse Gallagher's frostillicus framework.

I notice that the Basic Document Controller class updates the full text index on save of each document, with this code: UPDATE_FULLTEXT_THREAD=1 is already in place.

After I made some change via Notes the updater runs after some seconds and the ft index is being updated just fine.

Did someone experiences similar behaviour and has a solution?

strange enough, I just modified 4 other documents via Scan EZ, that means via Notes, and Update. has Update_Suppression_Time=1, so the indexer really should get to work after max 1 minute, shouldn't it?

Maybe you can try this setting : Full Text Multi Process=1.

15 minutes is not my interpretation of "immediate" since the indexer has no load at all on that server, but that's a different story.

When a view or folder change is recorded in the queue, Update waits approximately 15 minutes before updating all view indexes in the database so that the update can include any other database changes made during the 15-minute period.

Further, Lotus recommends that you not run the client application on a server machine.