Read more » If you can read her non-verbal cues how will you ever really know what she's truly saying to you?

Do you often mis-read the green and red signals she's showing you with her body language?

Read more » There's no mystery to first impressions: You have to attract her and interest her practically as you approach her.

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) but instead the confidence in yourself, or rather the lack of confidence you have, that's the biggest turn-off leading to being rejected by women that most guys have to learn to conquer.

And your confidence level can start rising in just minutes from right now when you learn this one thing.

And do you know how to test her attraction by kissing her?

If you're like most guys you've blown this opportunity and hated yourself for days or weeks after. Move into a greater understanding of female body language, what her small touches mean, how her smile should move you into a faster gear.

If you knew that the real reasons for being rejected are always one of three things, would you belive me?

It's not necessarily how you dress or how you talk (but it could be your hygiene!

Also, if you’re a man that has trouble with women, or simply finds yourself confused by them far too often, I can guarantee that there are other areas of your life that are simply not working. The good news is that learning to be the kind of man that naturally attracts woman will have a ripple effect across all other areas of your life.