The present invention relates generally to a modifiable upper receiver such as belonging to the M-16/AR15 line.More specifically, the present invention teaches a modularized upper receiver which includes any number of replaceable panels applied to either the left or right side of the receiver for establishing varying combinations of forward assist and spent shell deflection and gas deflection, without limitation, for blowback pistol and sub caliber action conversions.Apparently Vanguard likes to keep their ETF ex-dividend and distribution dates a secret until just a couple days before the event.

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In an attempt towards modularizing a standard upper receiver for facilitating both left, right and ambidextrous handed users, the VLTOR MUR (Modular Upper Receiver) provides an aluminum forged article incorporating replaceable panels for providing varying combinations of forward assist and ejected casing deflector.

The present invention discloses an upper receiver which is modularized for accepting a variety of left and right handed panels for configuring to specific shooter needs.

Prior to describing the several embodiments of the invention, is a Prior Art exploded view, generally at 100, of an AR-15 type firearm and which illustrates the relative positioning of an upper receiver subassembly incorporating a bolt carrier 102 into an overall upper receiver 104 for engagement (via such as take down pins 106) with a lower receiver 108.

With reference to the various element callouts provided below, it should be understood that is intended to be merely illustrative of the relative positioning of the upper receiver action subassembly relative to the remaining components of the upper and lower receiver and is meant to supplement and, by no means, replace or otherwise interpret the specific components of the modular receivers depicted in the variants of .

Still, VEU serves as an accurate proxy for the entire international equity market, aligning well with our benchmark by sector and by country.

Better yet, low fees and tiny trading spreads make it extremely tough to beat on cost.

Two Vanguard practices to note: First, the issuer uses fair value NAVs, which minimize apparent premiums and discounts at the expense of apparent (but not actual) tracking variability.

Second, Vanguard discloses holdings monthly with a lag, rather than daily.

The fund holds a portfolio of global large- and midcap stocks outside the US.

Avoiding small-caps makes it tilt larger than our all-cap benchmark, and increases concentration slightly.

The modifiable upper receiver is particularly suited to ambidextrous use and, in the...