Most aussie girls live in a white australia world and arent open to other cultures brisbane , perth , goldcoast etc.

They can be very loud and obnoxious in their teens and domiante their own male opposites.

But if you go to the beachy suburbs of Sydney and Queensland you will find gorgeous attractive beach babes!

I am an Australian girl and I may have actually read the same post, or at least a similar one.

Most aussie girls expect guys to be like afl footy players or tv show bachelor types.

And dating outside their race is still a big thing here and it's kinda hard to approach aussie girls, as compared to their American , canadian or english counter parts they are still stuck in 17 th century.

There few women I know that have the same ideologies as an American woman when it comes to dating and the feminist/gold digger belief that men should pay for everything.

You'll find that women here can indeed cope without a man opening every door, paying for her meals and putting her on a pedestal.

Coming from a guy who has dated american , canadian, english, spanish, indian, australian and asian girls(not in that order).i believe aussie girls are still a lot culturally behind. Deep inside they are brainwashed by white supremacy theory. It's not really their fault they just haven't experienced any different.

Australia as a society is very white dominated so people can be narrow minded.

I would advise an American man to travel to Australia to meet the wonderful Australian women. If australian women found you so hot then why did you not marry one, why did you move back to the states? Women are human, there are good ones, bad ones, ugly ones, dumb, smart, etc.

And why do you feel like it's the womans place to pay half? I bet you don't even hold the door for her, pull her chair out for her at dinner?

Can't asnwer as I have not too many American women only ones I have seen on the tv although I can comment on Australian women.