The filmmaker has a shot of a daytime concert with Eddie as a younger man, maybe twenty, his hair very long, shirtless, his two hands choking the mike.

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Tuesday night they loved him, respected him for sure, but they also had a buzz from dinner and Floridian beers are "HUGE! But he was stopped in his tracks, for moments, by nothing short of apathy, beer-buzzed and red-nosed disrespect.

" The alcohol, I guess, prodded many to request, "Jeremy! If we as an audience could hear his message it would release him, for the evening, from the massively influential "grunge" era he helped invent.

I may, in fact, qualify as a very high-risk stalker of this particular rock star. The day I heard Pearl Jam's first album , I said, "I've been waiting for this sound my entire life." Soundgarden, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Screaming Trees and Stone Temple Pilots had found the sound before me too.

In Eddie's eyes I've mapped out where he's staying in order to steal his napkins, maybe his shoes, an eyelash.

Vedder proposed to Mc Cormick last December at the Kennedy Honors gala in Washington, D.

C., where Vedder paid tribute to Bruce Springsteen.They are all, as Eddie described it between songs Tuesday night, "Great, good people." It wasn't all soft stuff.Both Eddie and Glen broke a few guitar strings, getting the crowd amped enough to stand and scream from their rock 'n' roll muscle -- memories. Vedder played some of his beautiful or PJ20, a look back at the band's two decades of surreal, Led Zeppelin-type success.The pair got married in Hawaii on Saturday at a ceremony that included guests Sean Penn and Jack Johnson.The Pearl Jam frontman and Mc Cormick may have been dating for a while, but they’ve only been more serious about their relationship for a year.This is the second time Vedder has been married — he divorced his first wife Beth Liebling in 2000 after a six-year marriage.