It’s possible that Lääneranniku Eesti Päevad, the biannual West Coast Estonian Days' cultural programme has kept the traditional folk-dancing on its feet so to speak.The next such Days will be held in Seattle, Washington from August 26 to 30, 2009 where skirts will twirl and rustle.

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Bernice assumes different names and personalities whenever the mood hits her.

(She introduces herself to Greg as "Alice" but she's known to the delivery boy as "Susie" and to the milkman as "Betty.") After having her Great Dane dog, Albert (which was reportedly Presley's real-life dog Brutus, although Priscilla Presley has stated that it was a trained dog used for the film), chase Greg into the water when he insults her after a kiss, Bernice invites him to stay at her beachfront home.

Not only are the Keerutajad and Kilplased the biggest folk-dance group in Canada, astonishingly they appear to be the only two active dance groups left!

Few folk-dance groups seem to have survived in North America aside from the Pillerkaar in the Greater Washington DC metro area and those in Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles.

"Wonderful World," which played over the opening credits to the film, appeared on the compilation Elvis Sings Flaming Star. When I met him for the first time he immediately put me at ease.

We had to film our kissing first and neither of us heard the director say, 'Cut!

Some 70,000 Estonians managed to escape to primarily Sweden and Germany.

During the second world war Estonia lost approximately 200,000 people.

He wants to repay her so he gets two full-time photographer jobs: one for a Playboy-like magazine owned by Mike Lansdown (Don Porter), the other for a very conservative advertising firm co-owned by Mr. The two jobs are in the same building, forcing Greg to run from one to the other (up and down the stairwell) without being detected.