These features, combined with the comprehensive personality profile, demonstrate e Harmony UK’s commitment to helping you find a great match.

The website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

In addition to the relationship assessment and the in-depth personality profile, the site also offers comprehensive dating and relationship advice.

To increase matches eharmony advises you to increase the distance.

I'm sorry but over 30 miles is way too far anyway and this is the minimum setting!

This was all in the first two months of bring registered. Barely anyone is looking at my profile, I'm certainly not getting any communication and e Harmony's customer service response to that was that I should regularly update the information I have on my profile so that it comes up in people's news feeds. I'm happy with my profile as it is so why should I have to keep changing it?

I regularly look at people's profiles, send smiles and wait. Without blowing my own trumpet I'm an attractive, normal, single female so there is no logical reason for me not to get any interest if e Harmony is actually doing what I have paid them to do which is to send out my profile to any potential matches. I will never use them again and would not recommend them to anyone.

If you like the way it works then you can upgrade to the special offer from within the site.

Occasionally e Harmony will offer even better offers if you’ve already signed up as a free member.So check your terms and conditions if you sign up with what appears to be a good deal.The website produces poor matches and as time goes on I feel like we're 'scraping the barrel' more and more.And if you think about it, if e Harmony is so good, then why would it take a YEAR to find your perfect match?In response to their refusal I have asked them what is wrong with their computer.e uk is a dating site for singles in the United Kingdom who are serious about finding their perfect match.