I took my letters to the post office, picked up the sausages, drank a latte, then headed home.

I was gone from the house approximately one hour and 15 minutes.

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"No, no, no" is all the voices say, but over and over, "No no no, no no, no no." I ran to the bedroom, opened the closet, and saw that nearly all of Randy's clothes were gone.

I ran to the garage and knew, by this time, that I would not find his car.

Right about then my neighbor Joe pulled up, wanting to make small talk about the horses I keep for him during the summer. In the middle of Joe's visit I saw the note leaning up against my purse, and while Joe talked on I picked it up and read it. Saying "Don't try to call or write." Saying "I really did love you.

Even now, I'm not sure why I didn't tell him what was happening, why I just stood there trembling, no doubt white as a sheet, trying to hold up my end of a pleasant conversation. Randy." If I were the type of woman who got the vapors, I would have gotten the vapors right then.

He said no, but I intended to pick up some Gosar's organic Thai sausages for dinner, his favorite.

There had been some tension between us that summer around his kids' visit and my teaching and travel schedule, but we had just had two great weekends in a row, and I was pretty sure we were getting back on track, talking about our wedding that was only eight months away.

David, at least, stayed around to say goodbye in person.

In both cases the decision had been made before I was told it was imminent, and in both cases I would have said the relationship was going pretty well.

• Houston will be just the ninth Associated Press top 10 team to visit Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, the first in 15 years and the highest ranked since 1984 when #2 and undefeated South Carolina came to Annapolis and was shocked, 38-21, by a Navy team that entered that game 3-5-1.• Navy has won 12 straight home games dating back to 2014 with its last home loss coming against Western Kentucky, 36-27, on Sept. The school record for consecutive home wins is 13 (the first 13 games played at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.).• Navy is 20-4 over its last 24 games dating back to the end of the 2014 season with three of the four losses against ranked teams (Notre Dame at Fed Ex Field, at Notre Dame, at Houston and at Air Force).

• Senior wide receiver Jamir Tillman has 1,266 career receiving yards, which ranks third all-time at Navy.

The Cougars beat the Mids, 52-31, last year in Houston to tie Navy for the AAC West Division title.