The dude who comes up with the most nasty perverted thing to do to a Mom, could win a prize or something." My boy's face fell and a large tear rolled down his cheek. I don't got no one to take a photo of..." I hugged him and kissed him on the mouth and ruffled his hair. She not only wanted big black prick, but she like young boy dick as well."Son, if your mom were still around, she would make life miserable for you. When you were a baby, before you can remember, she would play with your dick all the time.

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I'm surprised you didn't walk in on her shoving a bottle or a loaf of French bread or a candle up her cunt.

That's the kind of thing she would do all the time.

I had selected a time to have this talk when we were both in only our underpants. "Son, you can take naked photos of my female cuntfriend Diane. As I said, he was only wearing his little underpants and his soft smooth body made my big fucking boner drip. You have to know how to please a cunt, how to get her hot and horny, so she can service you properly. You gotta get her cunt juices flowing." "Me and the guys have been practicing." He blushed.

"But I guess you heard and saw us." I was rubbing his dick and balls pretty hard through his underpants.

"I did, my boy, and you boys are going to need a lot more practice before you are ready for the real thing. If you are going to be mean fucking studs, you gotta know how to do it!

Now, I am very busy with my business, as you know, but I might be able to find some time to help you guys." I wasn't sure if it was right to tell this to an eleven year old about his own mom, but I figured he should learn the truth." She'd sit around the house all day fingering her big sloppy pussy, dreaming about black dick.That little friend of yours Kevin has a really cute mouth. So we can impress the girls...sorry, cunts." "Sure, son, I understand, but you gotta really gob into each others mouths. " We kissed some more and then did some heavy necking.I'll bet he slops spit really good, but I can give you some pointers on how to improve. Tell your buddies to really hawk some snot into each others mouths. I sucked his soft thin neck until it was covered in hickies and told him he and his pals should see how many black and blue suck marks they could raise on each others bodies, but only the parts covered by clothing.Now come a kiss like I was the cunt you were dating." My son closed his eyes and kissed me on the mouth. I sucked on his little tits until they stood out like erasers and told him he had to practice that with his buddies too, so that they would be expert bitch tit suckers. I want you to be the best fuck stud at your school.