There are a couple of different types of celebrities when it comes to music and acting, the kind that are organically talented and make their way to the top through compromise and the type that are actually bred and mind controlled from birth to become a celebrity.

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So, I didn't even know he went to rehab supposedly in 2005. I've been aware lately though that he has been embracing the New World Order Satanic Illuminati agenda, which I figured was just par for the course for anyone famous who was being promoted and not killed or demoted from the main scene.

Truth is, the real Eminem was a decent guy who simply had a wild imagination and some dysfunction that is usual with our younger generations.

With the track called Talkin’ 2 Myself playing in her car, Lindsay Tweeted “Couldn’t relate to this song more some days….” Lindsay also personalized the title of her burned CD, calling it “scram. Eminem.” PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Chills By Pool While Judge Issued Bench Warrant Eminem’s battles with booze and drugs have been well-documented.

He’s been in and out of treatment centers several times, and even had Elton John famously come to his assistance.

Well, the troubled singer/actress revealed she did Lindsay coolly handled a slew of loaded questions about her sexuality and career.

I care about the people that are involved with other people because it's really unfortunate and disrespectful."4/18 Story: Remember that list of celebrity hunks reported to be Lindsay Lohan's documented sexual history?His time was up in 2005 when he started to likely become more knowledgeable about what is really going on in America in the world in the dark hidden parts of the celebrity scene and in every power scene there is.He likely was approached in ways to see if he was willing to compromise further and basically become initiated into the secret criminal satanic underworld.Either way, we're quite curious about a few endeavors on the list.JT and his now-wife Jessica Biel announced they were dating in 2007 and Lohan turned 18 in 2004, so he presumably hooked up with her around then.FREAKY FRIDAY star Lindsay Lohan has named her dream senior prom date - hip-hop star Eminem.