I’m Renee Zellweger.” Also read: Marvel Unveils Phase Three: How the Studio Trumped Warner Bros. But it was also one of the funniest moments from his opening monologue, which tweaked the evening’s winners and mentioned a few of the year’s hot films.

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("Cubby") Broccoli Award for Worldwide Contribution in Entertainment, named after one of the original producers of the James Bond films.

Noted Dench, "Well, I'm rather overwhelmed by (the award), because I didn't ever expect to have a film career at all.

” and not worrying about how the role had previously been played (in less successful movies) by a couple of other actors.

“He’s the only man in Hollywood comfident enough to take sloppy seconds to both Eric Bana and Edward Norton,” Gad said, as Ruffalo burst out laughing.

Downey received the Stanley Kubrick Award for Excellence in Film, named after the legendary director of such films as "2001: A Space Odyssey""(The award) means a heck of a lot to me," said Downey.

"I love British filmmakers, and they have such a great talent pool."Oscar-winning actress Dench was honored with Albert R.

Critics praised the increasing maturity of Watson and her teenage co-stars; The New York Times called her performance "touchingly earnest". Later that year, Watson became the youngest person to appear on the cover of Teen Vogue, an appearance she reprised in August 2009.

For Watson, much of the humour of the film sprang from the tension among the three lead characters as they matured. In 2006, Watson played Hermione in The Queen's Handbag, a special mini-episode of Harry Potter in celebration of Queen Elizabeth II's 80th birthday.

See photos: Emmy Winners: Bryan Cranston, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Aaron Paul, Allison Janney Maybe because it took so long just to say the name of the awards, it took BAFTA two hours to hand out six awards, plus an hour for dinner and a couple of hours for pre-show mingling.

But along the way, the show — which will air on BBC America on Sunday — provided a number of highlights: Host Rob Brydon’s opening line Brydon, the British comic who co-starred with Steve Coogan in “The Trip to Italy,” greeted the crowd this way: “Good evening.

See video: Renee Zellweger‘s New Look Prompts ‘The View’ Hosts to Admit Their Own Cosmetic Surgeries The Judi and Harvey show The surprise in the presentation of the Albert R.