“Leave on server” is useful if you need to access your mail on another device. More info What is a POP account and how does it affect my Hotmail account? You could get a Gmail account(free), set that up as IMAP then forward all of your Hotmail mail to the Gmail account.

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Free Hotmail accounts have always been accessible via a web browser but access with an email client previously required premium services.

Microsoft made the switch in January 2009 to allow free POP account access in an email client.

While messages could be received and viewed correctly, they could not be forwarded without all formatting being stripped out.

As an example, an airline confirmation received from, say, Imaginary Airlines, could not be forwarded without all of the pictorial information being reduced to links, rendering the e-mail unreadable.

Microsoft Entourage was an e-mail client and personal information manager developed by Microsoft for Mac OS 8.5 and higher.

Microsoft first released Entourage in October 2000 as part of the Microsoft Office 2001 office suite; Office 98, the previous version of Microsoft Office for the classic Mac OS included Outlook Express 5.Entourage provided email, calendar, address book, task list, note list, and project manager functionality.With Entourage 2004, Microsoft began offering a Project Center, which allowed the user to create and organize projects.Entourage had included support for Microsoft Exchange servers since August 4, 2003, when the Exchange Update for Entourage X was released.This early release required the use of IMAP for mail connectivity and Web DAV for address and calendar functionality.(Subsequent versions have dropped the requirement for IMAP and rely solely on Web DAV.) Users complained of the lack of a variety of functions present in Outlook for Windows and Outlook 2001.