Party Bus For a fun group adventure with your date, consider renting a limo or a party bus and picking a few destinations to travel to; find a great restaurant for dinner, then move to a wine bar and finish off with dancing at a New Year’s midnight celebration.

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One of the benefits of this type of party is the exercise, fresh ai, and bonding experience with the group because you are all on a shared journey together.

Whether you are new to a relationship or married, this is a fabulous get-together to connect with friends you don’t get to spend enough time with.

This is a real struggle, because you will need to excuse yourself to throw up for the next few hours. …And getting rejected as they lick their boyfriend. And you’re thinking about what you’ve learned, and your hopes for the New Year, and it’s just all a bit much. Can I not just retreat to my bed to eat Mc Donald’s and drunkenly weep over my life choices?

And so you are keen to drunkenly remind everyone that you are totally happy being alone, definitely not desperate to find love in the new year, and certainly not keeping a spreadsheet of the best potential people to hook up with at midnight. Everyone is hammered, joyful, and yelling ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’ in your face.

If you live near the water in warmer areas, rent a gondola or a horse and carriage and try a serenade under the twinkling stars.

Some companies offer these specialty services with a dining experience or champagne package to go along with the ride. Fancy NYE Party If you desire a more traditional New Years’ experience, pull out those heels and a smoking-hot dress or a snazzy bow tie and find a pre-planned party at a country club or local hot spot that you can buy tickets to with a few friends and couples in advance.Whatever you end up doing with your date for NYE, make sure to bring your toasting glasses for the evening’s end and a great attitude to ring in the new year on a high an honest, funny, crazy and romantic look at the world of internet dating with some very helpful tips along the way.It’s also a low-key way to introduce your new someone to your group in a environment where everyone is relaxed and at ease.2.Sleigh Ride Under The Moonlight If intimacy is what you are longing for this holiday season, stealing away for some alone time and adventure might be just what you need.And best of all, you have the knowledge that you don’t have to go out again for another 365 days.