He denied the whole sex thing and slowly admitted having more involvment but still no confession!

The worst part is im a understanding person and i have more trouble moving on without the truth, i dont want details just the truth.

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Also he and i were friends first and i knew how heartbroke he was when they ended and helped him threw it.

She always had the upperhand with him and in the past would want him back at her convienence.

i got pregnant in september, great timing right, no chance to heal or even know if i really wanted to stay.

I did check his phone records and alot of what she said was a lie, like that she talked to him once a week etc.

And that he felt like he was in a "middle relationship crisis" (whatever that means).

He says he regrets everything, and that he was afraid to tell me because he was afraid to lose me because he knows I left all my previous boyfriends when I found out they cheated on me with their ex.Mind you at the time this all happened me and my three boys were in the middle of moving in to his house.I tried to break it off with him and my kids were just starting school and also love this guy madly.have had a hard few years prior.so he is thrilled and i dont wana just be that special person for that reason.It was hard to get the pregnancy news so soon after this happened....I recently found out he cheated on me with his ex girlfriend. After asking him about 11 times, he confessed to me that when I was out of town visiting my family he went out with a few friends and his ex. My boyfriend said that no one made the initial move?