He did not have the curtesy to even call the restaurant or the agency to let anyone know he had changed is mind.

I found this a very rude and unkind thing for a "classy" man to do!!!

Then they called with a third date...supposedo be to be very cultured high class etc....well, he simply stood me up.

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You can do better on your own using internet dating sites if you are selective and put in the time.

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I am a financially well of client and was looking for someone in my socio-economic situation.

They tooold me they had lots of possible matches (0ver 65).

That said, if you are a normal, healthy, successful, happy, adjusted person, and you've lost interest in the randomness of Internet dating and you don't have the time to chase strangers in bars, well -- this is the right match maker for you.

I have no doubt that Selective Search can deliver and help you meet that special person who you've been searching for.

I am totally dismayed with this service, they don't have quality candidates for older people, they are full of excuses and refuse to give me my money back.

I am going to pursue them and try as hard as I can to be compensated for their total dishonesty, this is a house of smoke and mirrors and LIES!

He was very gracious to take the time to ask my account of what happened. Many companies would not take the time to do what he did.