While on a ski trip, one of them finds passion with a beautiful girl after a random accident on the icy slopes.The others quickly conclude that the extreme circumstances of the accident were what caused love to bloom.They will trade with the Europeans but won’t accept any part of their religion.

In this funny game you have the oportunity to try your dating skills, but beware that everything you say matters!

Can you make her fall in love with you with your smooth talk or will you get stuck in the friendzone?

However, when he and Garrpre arrive in Japan, they quickly realise just how viciously Christianity is being suppressed.

Japanese villagers hide them away but the 'inquisitor' is never far behind them.

Garfield and Driver excel as the driven young priests, zealous young idealists who half want to be caught and tortured just so that they can test their faith.

When we first encounter them in Europe, seeking the permission of Father Valignano (Ciaran Hinds) to go on their mission, they have the confidence of their own youth and athleticism.

They decide that the path to true love is to purposely set each other up on "extreme dates" with the objects of their affections.

After a couple of near-successes, they go for broke by planning an elaborate kidnapping scheme that can't miss.

But the hired "kidnappers" turn out to be ex-cons with a plan of their own, and the extreme date escalates out of control. Maybe everyone is melting and blistering all the time in hell, and so the inhabitants have just incorporated that look into what they consider to be within the norms of good looks.

JD: I think the devil just wanted to get a good job and live comfortably, but Molly had to go and stab a couple revelers. Just because you're possessed by the devil doesn't mean you aren't crazy. Or, maybe the devil knows the priest's secret, and it's that he likes his women like he likes his Kleenexes.

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