The youngest of four brothers brought up in a comfortable middle-class home in Epsom, Surrey, he admits that no one in the family knew what to do with all the money he was making.

His estate agent mother, who was also working as his chaperone and manager, invested some of it in property but told him the rest was his to do with what he wanted.

‘I’ve spent the past year and a half with an accountant, trying to understand VAT, DVD residuals and things like that. ‘Meanwhile, all my friends were coming out of university and were b***ering off to Thailand for six months and getting cars paid for by their ­parents.


And for the young stars who have spent half their lives filming the movie franchise, the wrench could not be greater.

But there are several things Tom Felton — aka Harry’s school nemesis Draco ­Malfoy — is looking forward to.

Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint have been in tears, while Emma Watson has cut off all her hair and started dating rockers.

After nearly ten years, the Harry ­Potter bandwagon is about to end.

And it’s totally not my approach to get my name on a club door just because I can.’ Tom is said to have earned around £3 million for his role as a baddie in the films.

But he admits even the pay cheques turned out to be, at one point, a poisoned chalice.

I ­certainly haven’t had much freedom to keep my own hair colour, or lay in the sun, or do anything remotely dangerous like skiing.

It was nice to go on holiday and not have to slap on the SPF50 and sit under an umbrella with three caps on.’For all the fame and wealth that Harry Potter has brought its young stars, there have been plenty of downsides, too.

‘It’s a nervous time after having such a sure thing for ten years,’ he says.

‘Suddenly you are on your own and there is no guarantee of future work. ‘My last audition was when I was 12, but now I have to put myself out there again and it’s not easy.

‘My mum told me: “You have worked hard for it so get what you want, but beware, you will lose money on cars.” And she was right.’ The reality check came via the taxman.‘My parents did what they could, but when money is thrust upon you so are a load of other things: tax, VAT, mortgages — things a 16-year-old really doesn’t know ­anything about.