No picture at all on either internal LCD or external monitor with VGA connection. Fans turn on, battery light is stable, DVD player is working with green light etc.

I already tried Hard reset / cleaning motherboard and cpu applying new thermal paste / booting without battery / different ram sticks on different slots etc usual fixes with no luck.

flash bios medion updating usb md9583-70

Because the tool does not reformat your USB Flash Drive*, no files that may currently be on the stick will be lost during the procedure.

Just make sure that there is still some free drive space, otherwise there will not be enough room for the files that are needed for BIOS Flashing.* Excluding the Geometry Change method which will destroy all data on the USB storage device.

When you start the tool a DOS box should open up to provide you with status messages and prompts.

Do not close that box unless you want to abort the preparation procedure!

Code is 2 blinks on both caps lock and numlock then 3s pause and again 2 blinks, i looked from HP site that it means bios corruption and just tried to do Restoring of bios with Windows B Power key multiple times, Laptop continues blinking for 10s and reboots and starts blinking again either 2 blink code or continuous blink ( cpu failure ).

but 90% of time its blinking 2x and then few second pause.

If you have downloaded such an archive, you should choose the first method from the option box.

You do not need to extract the files from the BIOS archive.

Both, the installer version and the stand-alone version, do precisely the same job.

Which of the two versions you use, is solely up to you and your preferences.

I tried make bootable bios update usb following this link: found winflash files for dv6 2007so downloaded those and installed, it wont start hp bios update utility which should give option to make bootable usb with bios file.